S M O G n42 @ WALTER

SAT 21 03 20
8:30 * 8/10€

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S M O G n42

8:00 Doors and bar open


Electronics and live radio improvisations

Teresa Cos explores repetition as the basic mode of contemporary life; chance and improvisation as agents to disrupt it. Her work encompasses audiovisual installations, experimental music performances and visual scores.


P. Glass "Mad Rush" /// F. Perocco "Sul tasto" /// F. Pavan "Duale" /// J.Cage "Dream"

Luca Piovesan is an Italian accordionist based in Bruxelles. He focuses on the extreme possibilities of accordion in contemporary music experimenting in cooperation with composers and artists. He regularly performs in duo with Promenade Sauvage, he collaborates with Ictus Ensemble, he teaches accordion at the Conservatorio di Cosenza, and he is a researcher at the Conservatory of Bruxelles exploring the boundaries of co-composition for accordion and pedalboards. He also received degrees in Italian Literature and audio engineering, and leads his BlowOutStudio, working also as a composer for images. His stakes on this path are his concerts (Konzerthaus Wien, Harvard University, Berklee College of Music, Bayreuther Festspiele, Tokyo Opera City Hall, Teatro La Fenice), discs, lectures and the project “accordion4composers”. He is a tireless traveler, constantly attracted by the diversity of the world and its inhabitants.

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9:30 HJM (BE/FR)

Electronic duo with Julien Ortuno and Simon Lehms

HJM Daughter of an unfamous scientist, Hortence doesnt want anymore to wear that dirty white blouse of him. Fascinated by his esoteric work during her childhood, she understood later than it was just an obscure old-fashionned electroacoustic research program from the XXth century. Now she has burned down dad's discography and she is looking into the fire to see what can emerged of it.

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VENUE : Walter, Rue Van Lint 43, 1070 Anderlecht