S M O G n28
in coproduction with Walter

FRI 21 09 18
8:00pm * 10€

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8:30 ENSEMBLE 21

Fausto Romitelli - Professor Bad Trip I, II & III

If you’ve ever wondered what classical music on drugs would sound like, look no further than the mind-bending sounds of Professor Bad Trip. Composed by the Italian artist Fausto Romitelli who died prematurely in 2004, Professor Bad Trip is where psychedelic rock lives on. Inspired by the comic artist Gianluca Lerici a.k.a. Professor Bad Trip and his psychedelic cartoons Romitelli was also influenced by poet Henri Michaux, particularly for his writings under the influence of mescaline and other psychedelic substances. Professor Bad Trip gives you that hallucinogenic feeling through music.

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9:30 Brice Dreessen

Brice Dreessen is a multidisciplinary builder based in Liège, Belgium. He constructs fields of sonic entities, monoliths of frequencies, that depict a canvas full of raw tones of colors. Never totally abstract nor completely composed, these sounds are free to live by themselves in a space created for them. Here, the sound is pushed to a physical level, to nearly become solid objects, confronted to walls, bricks and blocks, chatting with the architecture. Doors vibrations are not incidents but part of the plot. Previously active as Lowcommittee, he released an LP on Vlek back in 2014 and two tapes on is own Varech imprint. He’s also a member of the Amer crew, mainly active in the organization of concerts in Liège.

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VENUE : Walter, Rue Van Lint 43, 1070 Anderlecht